1. Architect, How to choose a builder? | 7 rules list:

Architect, How to choose a builder | 7 rules list:

  1. Choose a builder with which it is easy to communicate, in a clear, technical and orderly manner (a CRM / project management software is a big plus)

  2. Choose a builder with specialised professionals (tiler, joiner, gas, electric, etc)

  3. Choose a builder who's worked on projects with similar complexity

  4. Choose a builder with great attention to detail

  5. Choose a builder with a large network of specialists and suppliers for best options and best prices

  6. Choose a builder with a reasonable degree of flexibility and understanding of desired results

  7. Choose a builder that understands architect's final goals, big picture, and aims for client's satisfaction

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2. Loft conversions / Loft extensions: Will I need planning permission? Can you assist me?

Most loft conversions do not require planning permission.
There are several exceptions: Flats, some new houses, properties within conservation areas and all listed buildings.
Most of the lofts will fall under Permitted Development.

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3. How do we start your home improvement project?

1. Initial contact
2. Initial home visit, measurements, initial discussion
3. Free project and quotation
4. Quick, clean and professional construction services
5. Final inspection and Delivery
6. Long time warranty

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4. How long does a loft conversion takes to build?

A loft conversion / loft extension process typically takes between 5 and 8 weeks, depending on the size of the building and complexity of the project.

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5. Why invest in a loft extension?

1. Increase property value - add up to 20% to the value of your property!
2. Increase living space
3. Avoid moving inconveniences and costs
4. Reduce bills with new hi-tech insulation

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